Beyond classes

Our philosophy of martial arts through giving back is what drives MAUL – we train together, help each other, inspire one another.

Training outside of classes

Belt buddies (i.e. members of the same skill level, denoted by the colour of their belts) are encouraged to get together to practice outside of classes and members are welcome to organise their own meet-ups, in a park, someone’s garden or elsewhere. Such sessions are based on members helping each other and are organised between yourselves, so they’re not listed in the club’s calendar and are often without an Instructor. A lot of us like to combine these sessions with delicious snacks.


We believe that knowledge is both a gift and a responsibility. To that end, in addition to our children and family’s club, Mighty Ninjas of MAUL (MiNi MAUL), we participate in festivals and fairs and offer taster sessions in order to empower women through martial arts.

On these occasions we ask members to help if they can. Examples include having a club stall at the annual Big Weekend on Parker’s Piece and a taster session for the local council’s programme aimed at encouraging women to try new sports and other physical activities.

Women’s class socials

There are a number of socials each term outside of class, including meals (in and/or out), film nights and special occasions or holidays from members’ nationalities and cultures. In the past year, we got together for MAULsgiving (a multi-cultural pot luck take on the USA’s Thanksgiving), birthdays, BBQs and Eid, amongst other occasions.

Socials aren’t compulsory, of course! However, getting to know the women you trust in class not to kick or punch you is usually enjoyable, if we do say so ourselves.

Socials are noted in the calen-do-jang and RSVP-ing is usually handled in WhatsApp. Check the individual events for more details. We are very happy to cater for any dietary requirements, so if you see ‘pizza and a film’ but you don’t eat pizza, rest assured we will find an alternative that suits your needs.

Members: if you have something you’d like to do as a social, do mention it – no need to ‘ask permission’. 🙂

Reading group

From September 2018, we’re piloting are trialling a reading group using The link to join the private group is available in the club’s Trello.