FREE six-week course for girls aged 13-18 kicks off this Friday

Our free six-week course for teenage girls aged 13 to 18 years starts this Friday (20th April 2018) at 7.40pm in the gym at Queen Edith Primary School. The course is completely free and those that complete the course will get one of our awesome t-shirts (if we do say so ourselves).

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Common questions

Do I need to be fit? Nope!

Do I need to have done it before? Nope!

Do I need to be good at sport? Nope!

Do people have to watch me? Nope – we close the curtains and cover the doors for privacy.

So why bother? Because martial arts is a fun skill and a lifelong activity and everyone deserves to train. Spending some time on yourself is worthwhile – whether it’s a martial art or something else. Martial arts can also help with focus and concentration.* Kicking and hitting pads is also great for relieving stress.

Most of all, the camaraderie of having to hold pads for your classmates to smash cannot be beaten!

After the course

Keep coming even after the course is finished for the reduced price of just £2 a class. If payment is a problem, please let us know – as Instructor Wendi says, ‘everyone deserves to train’.

Got a question?

Check out our information about joining MAUL-TKD or contact us.

This course is part of Let’s Get Moving Cambridge and the City Council’s partnership with StreetGames to provide activities for young people.

*  If you don’t believe us, here’s some science.

6-week course details

March 2018 grading

Congratulations to everyone who graded at the end of March!

The occasion has been commemorated in verse form by newly purple-belted MiNi MAULer Jasmine.


With the belt comes responsibility,

With the belt comes respect,

The higher the belt gets.

Your moves must improve,

Your moves must improve.

Your kicks must be slick,

Your kicks must be slick.

Smooth moves, slick kicks.

Your kicks are slick,

Your kicks are slick.

You can land a perfect ridge hand.

Todays the day,

Take it away.

Its grading!

Time to grade,

Don’t let your courage fade,

Don’t lack faith,

But do be safe.

Your moves rule,

You rock in a Dobok,

You’re super cool.

Well done,

It was fun.

You never faded


You graded!

Never forget what you achieved.

Because you worked hard and you believed.

Grading’s over now,

Time to celebrate…

But not too much…plenty more learning awaits.

Bam was that ok ma’am?!

– By Jasmine