This is our club calendar. It shows the class schedule as well as additional classes outside our usual hours and social events.


  • MAUL Martial Arts Uniting Lives – overarching Organisation for Volunteerism and Community Building
  • Ori-MAUL Originally Martial Arts Uniting Ladies, women’s class
  • MiNi-MAUL Mighty Ninjas of MAUL, families class


All at Queen Edith’s school:

  • DH Dining Hall
  • LH Large Hall
  • SH Small Hall

Sessions and classes

  • ANTS Advanced Ninja Training Sessions (Brown+)
  • BLaST Blackbelt (women, for now!) Sharing Training
  • NEWTs Nearly Excellent Warrior Trainees (MiNis Green+)
  • OWLs Ordinary Warrior Levels (MiNis White through Orange)
  • SLAMS Super Loving Artistic Mat Session
  • STOMPS Super Tactical Outstanding MAUL Power Sparring
  • WOMBAT Women of MAUL Blackbelt Advanced Tae-Kwon-Do