The women’s class is on Tuesdays and Fridays, 19:40-20:40 (Origi-MAUL). New students are most welcome all year round. Do get in touch!

The children and families’ class is on Tuesdays and Fridays, 18:30-19:30 (MiNi-MAUL).

Classes are held at Queen Edith School, Godwin Way, Cambridge, CB1 8QP, in the Large Hall.

There are other classes on occasion and schedules may change during term time etc., so please check the Calen-Do-Jang (i.e. our calendar) when in doubt.



The Original MAUL, known as Martial Arts Uniting Ladies! This is a women-only class for ages 16+. We cover windows and doors to allow for privacy, comfort, and traditional martial arts training.


Mighty Ninjas of MAUL offers an opportunity for children and their families to train together.

We also have other acronyms for particular training activities, which are listed on the Calen-do-jang page.


The classes are centred on traditional ITF and WT (Kukkiwon) Tae-Kwon-Do, with some influences from arts such as Muay-Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and any other art we can get as we try to maximize the abilities of each individual.

Whilst we will always have a core love of kicking and blocking, our style has evolved over time. It is a mix of the teachings of Master Tina Felice, Instructor Duane Bacon, and the varied experiences of MAUL Instructors Wendi and Layla. We are grateful for the high number of ‘transfers’ we get from different disciplines, as each individual contributes to the ever-changing art that is MAUL.

Student resources

We have lots! For full details, see our student resources page.


Martial arts is a way of life.  Students progress at their own speeds with what time they are able to put in – it is an individual journey.  Our motto is “Consistency helps, come when you can!”

Moreover, practice doesn’t stop when you leave the Do-Jang – every day provides an opportunity from running through forms while waiting for a kettle to boil to opening a push-door with a palm-strike.  Martial arts is a long-distance journey, not a sprint to belts, so each day you train is a good day.


The program is volunteer-run so all costs go towards insurance, hall-hire, equipment, guest instructors and instructor grading.  Fundraising is most decidedly welcome!


Ori-MAUL Recommendations

MiNi-MAUL Recommendations


£5 per class

£15 per month for 1 class/week

£25 per month for 2+ classes/week

£3.50 per class or £12 per month

or £48 per term


Short-sleeve: £15

Long-sleeve: £20

Hoodie: £25

Short-sleeve: £15

Long-sleeve: £20

Hoodie: £25


(Required by Yellow Belt): £30

£7 (youth), £10 (adult)


(Optional): £2.5 – including iron-on

(Optional): £2.5 – including iron-on


£25 Ori’s only; £15 with MiNi’s

£10 (£15 from orange)

If payment is an issue, please don’t worry.  Everyone deserves to train. That’s why these are only recommended donations. Give if you can, but the most important thing for you to give is heart.

Student resources

What does MAUL provide? Step-by-step instructions for forms The syllabus for each belt Technique reference YouTube videos of forms etc. (these are private, so you’ll need the link from us) and more! Where to find it Please join us on Trello to get the most up-to-date PDFs for the study materials you (or your MiNi-MAULer) … Continue reading Student resources