Assistant OWL Instructor Ellie Hayes


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Ellie Hayes joined MAUL in early 2017, recruited from the Barney Brown/Vandenbergh effect. Since then, she has quite simply shown up. Through thick and thin, from white belt to blue belt, Ellie has consistently dedicated herself to helping whoever she can in MiNi-MAUL and training all she can in and out of the Do-Jang with Ori-MAUL. Her efforts with the OWLs (first three belts) as part of MiNi-MAUL made it possible for the club to grow and still give individual attention to its students.

A former dancer, current communications specialist and volunteer ninja, Ellie’s wry humour, unshakable resilience and impeccable attention to detail as Social Samurai for Ori-MAUL has driven the entire club forward.