Instructor Layla Vandenbergh

MiNi-MAUL Program Developer


Layla Vandenbergh became involved in MAUL as a New Year’s activity in January of 2014. She quickly became addicted – attending every class, assisting in organizing extra training sessions and teaching her fellow MAULers how to run. Between daily training sessions in her kitchen and her initial role as Publicity Ninja for the club, Layla eventually became Instructor Wendi’s go-to for all things MAUL.

Combining her newfound love of martial arts with her passion for teaching and helping children, Layla created the MiNi-MAUL branch for children and families – her children and husband amongst the first generation of those students! Outside of MAUL, Layla works for the Cambridge Family Mediation Service.

A true Renaissance woman, she is a musician, craftswoman, baking guru, and avid runner. She received her 1st Dan black-belt in 2017 from Master Tina and Instructor Wendi.